Mongolian artist Batbileg Darjaa is well known as collector of pop, rock music memorabilia. Most famously, Batbileg has devoted his exhibition to British rock band Queen, who celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2011. Some of Batbileg’s work also featured at Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day celebration in Switzerland and his paintings are now hosted by Dominion Theatre in London, where the musical "We Will Rock You" has been running over the last 10 years. Batbileg is also well-known for his decorative hand-woven tapestries whose striking colours and patterns cannot fail to impress.

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Batbileg Darjaa talks about his experience of working on his most famous painting "The Magnificent Years", which was inspired by the music of "Queen". His tells his story of being a music fan in the early 90s in a socialist country before the democratic process took place in Mongolia and how hard he worked on his paintings to achieve his most ambitious plan to complete the full set of four paintings, now hosted by the Dominion Theatre in London, where We Will Rock You musical is staged six days a week for over 10 years. He goes on to say that his oriental background, combined with his professional training in western Modernist style of painting, helped him to tell a story about 40-years of the legendary rock band "Queen".