Mongolian Designers at London Design Festival 2018

The Cultural Envoy of Mongolia welcomed guests to our Opening Reception of our partner event with London Design Festival 2018. Being held at Gladstone London in Mayfair, our luxury cashmere, silk, and jewellery products are being displayed and sold from five of the top designers from Mongolia.

Our #LDF2018 designers:

ARIUK Ariundelger Dechinkhuu graduated as a professional fashion designer from the fashion class of Fine Arts Institute of Mongolian University of Arts and Culture in 1994. “I create unique designs connecting the past, the present and the future using various methods to create designs, including an innovative style, proposing a scientific hypothesis on the basis of doing detailed research on secret philosophies, lifestyles and cultural standards of ancient civilisations.”

AZZA Aztsengel (Azaa) Tsamba is a Textile technology engineer and have been working as a fashion designer for 17 years. Since 2018, she started designing her own fashion range, using organic cashmere, and officially launched AzzA brand in Paris in July 2018. “As a fashion designer, I aim to promote and guide my consumers in the right direction and have decided to create sustainable designs in the field of fashion. I create my designs using natural and organic cashmere.”

MONGOL NATUR As a small family business, Mongol Natur strive to take care of each member of their supply chain and produce sustainable cashmere, camel and yak wool products.

SOYOL ZORRO Ganzorig is an architect, who decided to become a jeweller after being trained by one of the top Korean jewellery makers. He designs unique bespoke styles and takes his inspiration from his travels in the nature. “Through my design, I express the beauty of the nature and the perfection of human dreams through various forms, light and shades using precious stones and metals.”

YAMAA Yamaa believe consumers want quality and to know whether their products are ethically sourced. Yamaa's team have a radical vision to transform supply chain management operating system using the blockchain technology, guarantee herders and workers get the value they create in the supply chain through the removal of intermediaries, and ensure management of goats are environmentally sustainable through trackable technology. Using cutting edge technology, their Switzerland-based technology partner, Scantrust, integrated a unique QR code to maintain the traceability of the products.

Photos by Azaa Studio