Cultural Envoy of Mongolia & Asia House 'An Evening in Mongolia'

This event was hosted in partnership with the Cultural Envoy of Mongolia and as a part of the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2018. #AsiaLitFest.

Thank you to everyone that came to ‘An Evening in Mongolia’, organised by Asia House with the support of the Cultural Envoy of Mongolia Unurma Janchiv. We received amazing feedback from our lovely audience, who found it an informative and interesting event aimed at showcasing tourism and culture in Mongolia. Mongolia is a land of natural contrasts. The Gobi desert stretches across much of the south of the country, to the east is the rolling Steppe and across in the west, the largest mountain system in Mongolia – the Altai. The mountains in the north, however, are snow-capped, rich in wildlife and home to the Tsaatan reindeer herders. Meanwhile, in Ulaanbaator, there lies a thriving metropolis, cosmopolitan capital and a constantly evolving city. One of the biggest draws is also the people - from the older nomadic generation with their renowned hospitality to the younger generation, keen to promote the country to the wider world. We had a full house, hosting over 130 guests. Of course, it would not have been possible without the fantastic support from Asia House and their members.

Thank you to our brilliant panel members, Dr Bumochir Dulam, a former television presenter of Mongol Television and a professor of anthropology at the National University of Mongolia; Tom Morgan, whose company runs the Mongol Rally – a 10,000 mile race that crosses the Mongolian steppe; and the Mongol Derby, the longest and toughest horse race in the world taking place in the Mongolian wilderness; journalist and travel writer Monisha Rajesh, who experienced much of the Mongolian landscape via the Trans-Mongolian railway; and Moderator British Mongolian Students' Association's Anushka. Additionally, special thanks to our supporters, the Embassy of Mongolia in the UK, Azaa Studio, Zendmen Travel Mongolia, Our Few Mongolians Project and Lonely Planet.

Our guests enjoyed canapés by Chef Paul of Asia House and sampling of vodka. Special thanks to Anna Temby and Pamela Kember at the Asia House Arts and Learning Department, the Events team and Chef Paul of Asia House. Following the event, there was a Mongolia Stand (AS1140) at the World Travel Market at the ExCel Centre between 5th -7th November 2018.