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Oxford International Art Fair 2017

Creative Curating, supported by Embassy of Mongolia in the United Kingdom and Cultural Envoy of Mongolia Unurmaa Janchiv, successfully presented the selected Mongolian artists at the 4th edition of the Oxford International Art Fair taking place on 24th, 25th and 26th February 2017 in city of Oxford, UK.
As the Runner Up Award Winner of the Oxford International Art Fair in 2015, we are delighted to be able to be back to the Fair, showcasing contemporary and traditional artworks of our talented Mongolian artists based in the UK, Mongolia and Poland:
Batbileg Darjaa - Otgonbayar Tod - Tuvdendorj Darizav - Сэндэм Чойжамц - Khaltar Elbegzaya - Altantsooj Sosorbaram - Odgerel Otgonbayar - Ochirerdene Munkhtulga - Molor-Od Otgonbayar
A rich mix of talented artists from over 30 countries displayed their artworks at this annual Art Fair, attracting over 6000 visitors every year. This year’s highlight was an original artwork by the British contemporary artist Damien Hirst, to be displayed by InVogue Art Gallery.
Out of the artworks by our artists, “Centaur” by Sculptor Tuvdendorj Darizav, “Moscow rain”, a painting on silk by Designer Sendem Choijamts, “Chinggis Khaan’s Warriors” by Otgonbayar Tod, “Camel Herder” by Elbegzaya Khaltar, “Lady Gaga” by Batbileg Darjaa, “Night Dragonfly” by Altantsooj Sosorbaram, had attracted the audience hugely. Other young and upcoming artists have successfully represented Mongolia at a reputable international art fair.
We send our huge thanks to the Embassy of Mongolia in the UK, Creative Curating, Azaa Studio and The Adventurists for their continuous support and sponsorship of our work. Our sincere thanks goes to Onla Onolmaa and Ian Terbit family for supporting us with accommodation during the Art Fair in Oxford and all of our friends and individuals, who visited our stand and shared the news on social media. Thanks to Gerelkhuu Surenjav akh, Gerel Orgil and Ariunaa Tseyen for helping to bring the artworks from Paris and Ulaanbaatar to London in time for the exhibition and to Sandag-ochir Tserendagva, driver at the Mongolian Embassy, for his help in safely transporting our artworks every year. We would like to thank all our artists for their continuous collaboration and Otgonabayar Tod, Elbegzaya Khaltar and Altantsooj Sosorbaram, who came to be with us in Oxford.
We look forward to the next year’s Oxford International Art Fair again promoting Mongolian art on an international arena.
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